Anyone have experience removing Section 8 tenants? Advice?

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Hey There, I'm looking into buying my first duplex, which has section 8 tenants in one of the units. I'd like to have them relocated, so that I can remodel and get market rent. Anyone have any experience with removing Section 8 tenants? I tried calling the Section 8 office, but wasn't able to reach a human yet. Any help/advice would be appreciated!

Section 8 usually pays as good or better than market tenants so in the Baltimore market. It's one of the perks to have to work within their sometimes difficult system.

Do you have any other units you could move them into while the rehab is going on. If you just want to get rid of them, you will be subject to the lease that's in place. If they are month to month, you will have to send the tenant and section 8 a 60 notice of non renewal of the lease, from the beginning of a month, certified. With that section 8 will approve the tenant to start looking for a new place. They move and you get to remodel. If it's a year lease then you wait till 60 days before lease expiration to send the notice.

you can put in a request to raise the rent based on the comps. You first must confirm there is no rent control and the guidelines of the housing authority.