CA real estate exam prep

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I am studying for the ca real estate salesperson exam and still feel a little nervous about taking the test. Does anyone recommend an exam prep course or live class in the San Francisco Bay Area? I’m hoping to sign up and take the test before October and I really want to pass on the first try (Who doesn’t?!)

Thanks in advance for any recommendations!


google real estate trainers. They have a 2 day crash course that was everything I needed to pass. They know exactly what is on the test. 

They are LA/OC based, but they have a web/live version every month or so, which is what I did, since I’m the Bay Area as well. 

I recommend you sign up for the course that occurs the weekend before your test. You’ll ace it 

@Jaime Hall Wasap. I'm from the Bay too! I'm guessing you done with all your classes? I recommend PrepAgent. He has free youtube videos and got online testing, flash cards, etc. It's cheap and easy way to learn. Passed 1st try just using the info provided. I have no affiliation, just a past customer. 

You can always go onto craigslist and sometimes they offer exam prep courses. I did not really like it though (maybe it will work for you). There is also this guy on YouTube called "pre-agent" who does a good job in reviewing the exam. I watched his videos before the test and passed. I will admit the wording is tricky, so I recommend to re-read each question 3 times. Good luck!

A little off topic, but I passed all 3 exams and sent in my check for the exam and sales license. The CALBRE cashed out my 4 weeks ago and still have no email about any exam scheduling. Is this normal?

I bought the First Tuesday books. I have been taking the practice exams, and I either pass or don't pass. For this reason, I don't feel ready for the exam. I want to go into it feeling confident rather than will I or will I not pass. Can anyone advise me on whether I'll be ok or maybe I should study more (but how? like what course(s))?

@Barry Murrey I don’t recall the exact book I used. I borrowed it off a friend who failed first round and then paid for a crash course before trying again. The workbook was from that class.

@Tiwinkle Khurana the suggested method is practice tests until you consistently get over 90% correct. After you do enough practice tests, many questions start to look very familiar. You’ll actually start to see the underlying facts they are really testing for. I did my classes from OnlineED I liked the way they wrote their courses and thought it was easy to understand.