Any banks or credit unions loaning with 10% down?

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Realized last night that anything is possible. My market is only too expensive if I allow it to be. Starting the hunt for lenders willing to work with 10% down. Any hot leads? I am in Sonoma County. Looking for anything in Santa Rosa, Petaluma, Rohnert Park, Novato, San Rafael. Basically anywhere in Sonoma or Marin county. 

I have great credit and solid reserves which I do not want to tap into and pay income taxes on.

Thank you all in advance for sharing.

How about owner financing or private money ( I don't mean hard money)? With seller or private money, anything is possible. Be creative. Ask the seller if there is an underlying lien (mortgage). if not, craft a deal that will make sense for you and the seller. I recently bought a 3 family with slightly less that 10% down and owner financing at 2%. the owner REALLY wanted out. Just a few weeks ago, I bought a HUD home with private money. I borrowed 100% of the purchase price. The lender is at a 60% LTV after I rehab it. he gets a monthly check and is quite happy with the arrangement. I put out a monthly newsletter. It contains videos of my projects and has an educational component as well. I'd be happy to place you on my mailing list if you like. There is no cost.

Good luck!