Tiny Home In High Rent Cities

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So what does the BP community think about this. Buying the right open lot in a dense city that attracts a lot of Millennials and place a Tiny home on it. And then renting that out. 


Typically the residual land value won't allow it. Larger homes that sell or rent for more will be required to make the deal pencil.

The exception is in places where you can put a humber of tiny homes on a lot.

Hi @Jorge Barboza Jr. , as @Seth Borman mentioned it isn't allowed in most cities. 

I own a quad in a C-2 zone that has 4 freestanding tiny homes ~325 sf each, the city was VERY clear that these are grandfathered (built in 1918) and if they were ever demoed we could not rebuild the same size units. 

Permitting upgrades was interesting, because of their size, there are multiple code violations that were "excused" since they are grandfathered and the inspector could not recommend a solution. 

I wish it was possible, I live these tiny places!