Noncompete agreement suggestions.

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I am looking for a noncompete agreement.  I may be using  the wrong term here but i would like to protect myself from a fellow investor from competing against me on the same property before I share specifics on what I have researched and discovered.

I've seen non-compete docs for agents looking to lock in clients/investors to work with them exclusively, but not necessarily from investor to investor.

Why do you feel you need to get this type of agreement in place? What are you looking to achieve? Is this investor a potential JV partner, or lender? If the property is that good, get it under contract and then they can't take it out from under you. If it's that good of a deal, and they wont play ball, someone else will.

I learned that the agreement is a non-circumvent agreement. What am I looking to achieve?  I am looking to protect my interests.   I don't wish to share particulars of the deal that I have yet to get under contract.  I want to create a contract that I may potentially wholesale to her or other investor. I don't want to create a contract that is not attractive to rehabber.. I would like to maximize my exit strategies.