California - New ADU Laws

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Its sort of unclear just when this will all take effect, especially at a local level, but sometime in 2020, all California Single Family Home Zoning (and some MultiFamily Zoning) will allow a Detached ADU (no FAR / lot coverage / min lot size restrictions) as well as an additional Junior ADU (within existing home square footage)

Furthermore, Owner-Occupancy requirements will be prohibited until 2025!

Let me know if you have any questions and keep me in the loop as you want to expand your rental home into (3) Rental Units

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@Adam Mayberry thanks for the information. I called the planning department of South SF (where I am looking to convert existing space of a property to an ADU) yesterday and specifically asked them about the additional detached ADU, the response was only one ADU (JADU, detached, or attached) is allowed per lot without mentioning any upcoming potential changes. Definitely looking forward to seeing these take effect at the local level.

@Matthew forest you are correct, the new laws exempt ADU

Not the case for existing rent control cities like san franciaco where adding an ADU to single family home, means sf now treats it as a duplex subject to sf rent control

@Bruce Leong . This is true, but I think that Rent Control, is a cap on what you can raise rates, which is 5% + Cost of Living Yearly.  Its really important for existing lease holders in Class C units, who are paying WAY below market rate, so that new owners doing come in and raise their rent by 30%, less important to new rental units which should be paying market rate at first, and if you are raising rents by $200+ yearly I would guess the lost rent due to turn over would be more than the increase in rent