Affordable markets in CA - San Bernadino?

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Hey @Dana Boyd I love investing in San Bernardino County. My business partner has the majority of his 60 units in SB County. Depending on your budget, there are a TON of opportunities to maximize your investment. Would love to chat with you more about this. 

Hey @Bobby S. , my partner and I are flipping houses in San Bernardino at the moment, but my partner has about 30 rentals in the SB area. It's a solid spot for Opportunity Zones. Almost the entire city is an Opportunity Zone. So for a developer, it could potentially represent a HUGE opportunity. Just depends on what you're looking to do in the area. 

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@Tyler Hungerford I'd appreciate local insight on San Bernadino investments. Which cities fall in the B- / C category? I'm looking for cash flow through multi fams. Would you be open to giving one of my property analysis a look?

Just messaged you Maria!