Finding a Class: Are there any in Chula Vista

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I would like to start investing in rental properties and I don't know where to begin. There is a lot of knowledge here but it is hard to find stuff for an absolute beginner. I would like to take a class where I can sit and learn and possibly work through scenarios. Does anyone know of any reliable/reputable real-estate workshops/classes? Thanks for any help.

Hi Erik! Wanted to share that BiggerPockets is launching a 12 week Rookie Bootcamp in late August, with Ashley Kehr leading the way. She's the host of the Real Estate Rookie podcast. It'll be a mix of on demand videos, live Q&A sessions, and a step-by-step curriculum to help you get your next deal. Sharing in case it would be helpful to get the gears turning!

Hi Lindsey, thanks so much I will check that out for sure. I know nothing about real estate investing and YouTube has been my source as of right now. I think I need a structured class and this might be what I am looking for. Thanks again. 

MeetKevin on youtube has a good REI class about buying realestate (and holding) and what to look for and it isn't to expensive. There are plenty of meetups down there in SD also.
BP has lots of good books on many aspects of real estate. Millionaire Real Estate Investor is a great book for buy and hold. 

After you get the basics, you can niche down.

I would suggest you use this website to the best of your advantage, it has so much to offer! I’m barely getting my feet wet and I have already learned so much! Add people, connect with investors, private money lenders, realtors. Message them and don’t be shy to personally introduce yourself. I’ve been doing that add have been receiving a lot of good feedback, assistance and guidance ! Just be open, ready , and willing to learn. I also read the ultimate guide to real estate investing by the creators of this page .