Best broker to work for in Northern Colorado

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Hello BP'ers!

I've hit a lull in my career and I could use some words of wisdom!  While I know that getting your license can be a source of contention among investors, I have decided that it is the correct path for me to take. I just closed on a flip last week (it went great!) which opened up a lot of time for me. In that time, I have been going full bore trying to knock out the pre licensing courses. I plan on taking the exam mid-July and have already started talking to brokers where I can hang my tile. My question to you is, what broker is not only investor friendly but a great place to learn and grow?

I would truly appreciate hearing your opinions and stories as I have no biases or preconceptions to go off of. I'm truly the blank slate looking to take big action with a great company!

@Bob Vollmer I don't have a direct answer to your question but can give you some guiding principals. 

1) Being a successful broker is not about knowing the numbers or understanding investing. It's about sales and marketing. Brokerages that are a good place to learn, teach you how to be successful as a Real Estate Agent. You will learn very little about investing or flipping. The system will be designed for you to learn and grow as a person who sells real estate.

2) You learn by doing. You become a successful agent by selling property. You become a successful flipper by flipping property and an investor by holding and managing the property (no matter if you hire it out or not). 

3) You should decide what you want to do. Unless you want to be an agent don't sweat the learning part too much. If you want to use your license to do your own buying and selling then get a brokerage that lets you do that at low cost and offers someone to mentor you on your first few deals for part of the commission. After that they are basically an on-call resource.

4) If you want to be an agent. Call the big players and see what they offer. Interview them. Find out how many successful brokers they have created. Talk to those new brokers and learn what to expect. Most new agents starve to death.

5) The best place to learn about the flipping and investing side is hear on Bigger Pockets and from a local mentor.