CO Agents can Complete Continuing Education from iPhone

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Alright, so I'm writing to talk about this awesome new product for Continuing Education. Neither I, nor BiggerPockets is affiliated with this product in any way, other than I am a customer. 

I work a full-time job, and I'm sure that many other Colorado Agents either work a full-time job or are extremely inconvenienced by the fact that most continuing education seems to occur during the workday at incredibly inconvenient locations and times.

Well, I found an APP that does this for me.


I can complete my entire continuing education requirement from my iPhone and/or computer, anywhere, anytime, in chunks, as free time becomes available. This will probably be during long road/airplane trips over the Thanksgiving Holiday weekend. Cost is about $120 to cover all state requirements and 16 hours of credits. Even though it is possible to get the occasional course for free, the fact that I don't have to travel anywhere makes this an enormous convenience. 

Just wanted to make people aware of this. I was not, and am extremely happy they sent me that marketing email.