Flipping raw land inquiry

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Hello, I am a newbie in real estate and I am particularly interested in flipping raw land. I need guidance with regards to the process involved after the necessary due diligence on the land is done and agreed on a price with the seller.  I would like to know the documents I should be expecting from the seller and how to get a notary that would pay on behalf of  the buyer and mail the signed documents. I would appreciate a step by step processes especially if the property is out of the state I reside. Any additional information would be appreciated, thank you.

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If you close through a title company, they will take care of all the necessary closing docs (deed, etc). If you want to try closing yourself, @Seth Williams has a lot of great info on his blog (https://retipster.com/) about self closing. 

most low value land flippers do their own docs @Linda Hastings   cost of usuing a title company takes to much of the pie.. if your going to be a land flipper you need to know how to do your own title and escrow.. its not hard..