Looking to Wholesale J.V. for someone.

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Hello everyone! I am currently looking to J.V. for someone on a couple of Wholesale Deals, just to make sure I do it correctly and learn from someone who is more experienced than myself. I have no problem doing all the work, filling out the paperwork, and contacting people. I've been studying this for a while now and just need to get the actual experience and strategies of actually going through the process. I've read the books, watched the videos, been to all the REIA, Meetups, and Seminars; I learned a lot, but I am not going to pay an outrageous fee for some apprentice program. I just want to start doing deals, I just would like someone doesn't mind occasionally answer questions and be a future contact for future deals. If interested please reach out. If not, that's cool too, I just wanted to touch-base with the community before going out on my own.

@Billy Barnes You quickly find out that the amount of work it takes to do a JV deal, it takes to do alone. Your buyer will know the process to close the deal and just follow their lead. You've already read the books, watched the videos and went to meetups and seminars. What more could you need? Don't let fear hold you back. If you are already going to be contacting people, doing the paperwork then you might as well do the last step to locate the buyer and allow them to close the deal for you and now you get paid 100%.

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Thanks for the info and a necessary push @Louis Davis  . What really got me was this article: Wholesaling Guide by the great @Brandon Turner . I want to do everything as ethical as possible because I want to build a business with a name people can trust, but the article caused a bit of doubt in me moving forward. I also keep getting conflicting advice on if I should use the P&S contract or CBS1-6-18 for here in Colorado. So I was looking at finding someone who can point me in the right direction. If you wouldn't mind talking about the contract from your experience I would love to touch-base some time.

I would like a reply to the last comment as well. If someone knows the answer about the correct form to use. From what I have read so far in the law, only a Broker can legally use that form. Please clarify if possible. Thanks in advance!

@Billy Barnes and @Ashley Cornelison My  best contracts have came from my title company. They have informed me of all the language that needs to be in my contracts so that I can successfully assign a property and they even told me a way to do it so that the seller doesn't have to sign off on it. In return, I provide them with thousands of dollars in business a month. My advice would be to seek the advice from the company that handles closings all the time. They will point you in the right direction and in return, you will give them business. 

Hope that helps