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Anthony G

Real Estate Investor from Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 08:08 AM

Hi all,

I've been reading on the site for awhile, but just now joined. I'm getting started in investing on my own, but I grew up around real estate my whole life. My dad was a small-time investor in the St. Louis area while I was growing up so I got pretty used to the business and some late-night calls.

I have a duplex in Bloomington, IN that I've occupied one side for 2.5 years and just bought a duplex on the east-side of Indy in Irvington that needs rehab, that I'll be moving into. I hope to gain quite a bit of momentum by doubling my unit count and keep building from here.

Kevin Kaczmarek

Real Estate Investor from Fishers, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 08:32 AM

Welcome Anthony!

I moved to Indianapolis a year ago and think it is a top 5 market for real estate investing right now. If you need anything let me know. There are many good people here, and a few to look out for. I learned that in my first year and can help with references.

Joshua Dorkin Verified Donor

Commercial Real Estate Agent from Denver, Colorado

Jan 10 '12, 08:36 AM

Welcome to the site, @Anthony G, and congrats on taking action in building your business. @Kevin Kaczmarek is a fantastic resource, so be sure to take him up on his offer.

Good luck and we'll see you around the site.

BTW - Please fill in your profile and upload a personal avatar so we can better get to know you.

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Neselle A.

Contractor from Boston, Massachusetts

Jan 10 '12, 09:01 AM

Hi Anthony! Welcome to bigger pockets.

Kyle Meyers

Residential Landlord from Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 09:05 AM

Hi Anthony. I am living in Bloomington right now as well and also have a duplex on the east side of Indy. If have questions about fixing up the duplex feel free to ask me, I can recommend some contractors as well if you are interested.

Anthony G

Real Estate Investor from Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 09:33 AM

Thanks everyone.


Right now I have more questions about Bloomington than Indy. Do you follow the market there?

Chris L.

Investor from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 10:03 AM

Hi Anthony,
Welcome to BP.
I have a 4-plex in Indy but am also interested in Bloomington.
My oldest son will probably be transferring to IU for his senior year and Grad school this fall.
What are your goals for Bloomington and Indy?

Anthony G

Real Estate Investor from Indianapolis, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 01:25 PM

I plan to focus on Indy right now. My big picture is to move onto larger multi-family apartment buildings or possibly small commercial. Bloomington has a SOLID rental market with IU, but I like the increased opportunity that a bigger city has to offer and to be honest right now is the only time I've ever even seen many choices of multi-family buildings on the market in Bloomington. Are you or your son thinking about an investment down here for the fall?

Chris L.

Investor from Fort Wayne, Indiana

Jan 10 '12, 03:27 PM

Hi Anthony,
I will evaluate all of the options for my Son starting with looking for a property to purchase. He does not want to live in the dorm so my guess is that housing will be cheaper to purchase than to rent but we will evaluate those options as we get closer.
He wants me to go with him in March to take a visit during his spring break from IPFW.
Good luck to you.

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