Looking for CPA in CT familiar with SDIRA's

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I'm looking to make my first real estate investment purchase. I currently have an IRA with $80,000 that I would like to utilize for my first investment. I cannot add to the account at this point, it was a rollover from a previous employer. I know in my market that won't be enough to buy a property outright. I'm looking for advice on what avenues I can use accomplish this. Advice is greatly appreciated.

I’m confused as to why you need a CPA for anything regarding a SDIRA. Are you looking for a custodian?

Also I'm pretty sure you can contribute to a roller over IRA. I consolidated a rollover and a SEP into my current SDIRA. No issues.

@Cathie Kovacs There are a lot of tax implications when investing in real estate via an SDIRA.

There are strict rules and guidelines as well as possible tax liabilities (UBIT, UDFI) depending on the investment.

I'm biased, of course, but a CPA is a necessary team member if you're using an SDIRA to invest in real estate.

The main reason I'm seeking a CPA is because I'll need one once I purchase a property and wanted to run a few scenarios by them in advance. I had contemplated cashing out the entire IRA to invest until I heard about the checkbook IRA(and tax consequences/penalties). I don't currently have any write offs and wanted to have the CPA help me to develop a tax strategy going forward. I rolled a previous employers 401K and 457 money into the Vanguard IRA. This IRA is not employer sponsored, it's independent of my new employers retirement plan(fees are lower at Vanguard than employers plan). And thanks @Michael Noto for the referral. And thanks to all for their time and patience, I try to do as much research as possible before I ask the community but my head can only hold so much. I have to defer to the experts sometimes.