Just Getting Started: Ideas/Help - House Hacking

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Hello all, my name is Kyle, I am looking to undergo my first house hack and would love some feedback! I am looking to get an FHA loan for a property in the Hamden area that I can house hack and eventually turn into a rental. I am considering student housing for Quinnipiac and was wondering if anyone has gone through this process. I am going through the lending process now, and looking to get pre-approved. Would love to hear any feedback or advice!

Looking forward to networking with everybody and helping when I can! 

Hi Kyle.
Good for you.
The only advice that I can offer  is that Hamden is very rigid with student housing. Go to the town hall and ask for a student housing packet from the building dept. That should give you a basic idea of properties to look at/for.

Much success all around.

Hey Kyle, I closed on a house hack earlier this year. I’d be happy to share all my experience and personal opinion with you. I’ll send you a message to get in touch! 

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