Florida Tenant Laws

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Hello everyone, I'm from Miami but I was wondering if Florida/ Miami has tenant laws which limit the amount of tenants that can live in a single family home assuming it had 4 bedrooms and I would live in one, for a total of 3 tenants and myself. 

Thank you for your responses!!!

I believe the definition of single family home would exclude occupancy by four different tenants.  It's probably a zoning matter rather than a landlord/tenant matter.

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You need to look at Miami zoning code, landlord tenant regulation. Generally the zoning codes do tend to use the standard of three unrelated persons to dictate what constitutes a rooming or boarder type situation.

This scenario is common around the Disney area. I have a 5 bedroom house with 5 separate tenants with 5 separate leases. My insurance agent last week as we were casually talking said that a typical DP3 landlord policy in Florida doesn’t cover more than 2 unrelated tenants in a single family house and I needed commercial landlord policy like one for a multi family unit. He’s having an issue finding one but I have another insurance broker who specializes in commercial properties getting me a quote.