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My name is Marlon and I'm looking to meet investors in the New Port Richey, Florida area..

Welcome Marlon to BP.

I am down the street from you and if you ever need anything please don't hesitate to reach out to me.  

I'm also looking to connect with someone in the Pasco County area.

I've been seeing a lot of properties however I've not been successful in making a purchase therefore I'm searching tax records looking for absentee owners. Any suggestions?



I am in Pasco County an active as an investor friendly Realtor/registered HUD bidder and investor in Pasco County. How can I assist? I live in Tarpon Springs (just over the county line and work western Pasco county from Pinellas County on the south to Hernando on the North.

...and you have a great REIA Meetup, right @Tyler S.  ?

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@Anthony Ayala Hi Anthony, I am in Pasco county too. How has searching county records been going for you? PM me if you want. I am eager to learn and share whatever knowledge I have. Are you looking to buy and hold, flip, wholesale or what? 

@Tyler S. glad to see an investor friendly realtor on here. :) 

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Hello Neighbor, 

Thanks for posting Marlon.

I just moved my real estate business (and wife, 2 dogs and 2 cats) from Pinellas County up to Pasco (Hudson) because of the huge potential here. 

I worked Pasco exclusively during the good ole days 2005-07, and see that things are heating up again. 

I'm a licensed agent and investor. I understand that two, three, or four heads are better than one, as long as nobody gets greedy or lets their ego get in the way. 

I can be your agent, partner, property manager, and even your sounding board.

So whoever wants to put their Pasco County heads together, let me know. 

Hello to All, 

Good to see some locals on here from the Pasco County area! Is there anyone here wholesaling in the area? We just had an investor purchase a chunk of our portfolio & we are in the market to buy another 10 properties in the next few months.

At least a 2+Bed, 1+ Bath, 950+ Sq Ft, Block, Outside of an A or AE flood zone, No sinkhole homes unless engineering report is available.

Depending on the Rehab, we typically buy anywhere from 25-35K

<15 Miles off U.S 19 in Holiday, Port Richey & New Port Richey (would consider Hudson or Springhill)

If you have properties that fit our criteria or know of anyone looking to sell, let me know!

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@Marlon Santiago

Welcome to the Bigger Pockets community-be sure to check out all the awesome BP blogs under “Learn.”

Hey guys,

I've been active wholesaling in the Tampa Bay area for the last year and am always looking to meet new connections.  Please feel free to reach out to me and network.

hi phil, I'm in the Brandon area.   Just getting started.  

@Marlon Santiago & @Phil Bach welcome to BP! I highly recommend the podcasts along with the normal forms reading, then attend local REIA meet ups to network and talk the talk of what you learned here. If either of you ever get anything East Hillsborough or Polk county I'd love to help.

@Alex Zokan If you're looking for buyers in the Port Richie/New Port Richie area I know some people.  PM me if so.

Updated about 3 years ago

Spelling error by me. Port Richey and new port Richey! Shame on me for not proof reading. 😔

if there is not one ( and I keep searching) we need to create a meeting for Pasco  investors. We used to go to some back in the day (Prime Time on US 19) but can't find anymore. Its a new day and time to get back in the saddle.

also in Hudson.  Would love to have a West Pasco meet-up.  New to investing so looking for help.  I have RE license and my husband is CGC and does rehab work!  Want to get started but wNt to find the right property!

Im also a investor in pasco county for 15+ years. Actively seeking a wholesaler with great deals and i specalize in purchasing unrepaired sinkhole homes. If you have anything pm me. Thanks 

Hi Guys, Does anybody knows a good experienced Builder in Pasco County FL? Looking to build a single family home on a gulf access lot I have, thanks!

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