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I know a lot of people will read these questions and think "it depends on what kind of investor you are, what your investment strategy is, etc." But I'm going to ask the question anyway because I need to start somewhere.

Are there any specific sub-markets in the Orlando area that you recommend for a cash flow or appreciation investor? Are there any sub-markets you would avoid (i.e., war zones or Type A properties that would never cash flow?)

Thanks in advance - I really appreciate it!

Good morning Pat .  My investors tend to flock to the Winter Park, College Park and downtown areas for those goals.  Longwood is a great area, and Deltona is what I consider an untapped market.  Excellent purchase prices for excellent returns and very easy to find good quality buyers.  Best of Luck

I agree with @Dan Oliver for College Park, Winter Park and Delaney Park. You will need to do digging since most have been gobbled up the past two years. 

Another place to look is at the Florida School Grades. You can find those neighborhoods that have A and B schools and target them. I would start with Elementary schools since those zones are typically smaller and you can target even better.

The grades are online here: http://schoolgrades.fldoe.org/

Orlando schools are in Orange County, Longwood Schools are in Seminole County, and Deltona is in Volusia County.

I would also suggest St. Cloud. Traditionally it has been very rural and not very appealing, but with the growth of Medical City and Lake Nona it is developing into a nice suburb. There is a lot of new construction going on around older neighborhoods. There are also two hospitals and a few other major employment centers opening in the next 6-12 months. The older homes will appeal to the workers that cannot afford new construction and need housing fast. There is not a lot of rental inventory there yet. Those schools are in Osceola County. 

 I live in Lake Nona so feel free to reach out if you need anyone to go check something out! Good luck.

@Lindsay Diven Absolutely!  Couldn't agree more.  St. Cloud is definitely an up and comer.  Good chance to get in on the ground floor of expansion

 @Dan Oliver and @Lindsay Diven

Thank you both for your very informative replies - I really appreciate it! This is great information for me to start. I will drive these neighborhoods today to get a high level look and feel.

Lindsay - You read my mind about the school information. I will definitely take a look at this, too.

Thanks again,


Best of Luck!  If there is anything else you need, don't hesitate to reach out

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