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Hi All,

I will be in Orlando 1st week on September and would like to attend meet up/networking event; I ve checked all those links that bigger pocket has on investment clubs:


There is only one event that i could find - CFRI Orange County.

Are there other any other local clubs?

Greatly appreciate your input.

Thank you


Hey @Molly S Ringer , will this be your first meetup meeting? I think smaller networking events are a great idea. 


Yes, this is the first one!

I've wanted a REI group for a while that was more focused on networking than gurus and selling programs, so @OrlandoPaz and I decided to make our own.

I hope you'll join us- if not this meeting then the next.

Hi Molly,

I will be in Orlando Aug 31 through Sep 6, will not make it your meeting unfortunately.

However I will join the Meet up group.


I am in Orlando and actively working investors.  Hit me up. 

@Anastasia G. If you want to attend the CFRI meeting this Wednesday here in Orlando I have guest passes if you need them to get in free. You just missed the GOREIA investors club meeting which was last week. I also host a little networking event at my office but will be the 3rd week in September. If you would like me to send you a guest pass shoot me an email.


Hi everyone - has anyone found any updates since these postings? I am also looking for meetups in ORL, FL. I will be attending the CFRI starting January (cannot make the next meeting before holidays).

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