Investment in Florida

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Sustainable investment in Florida

The benefit of buying Property in Florida, is that it offers an opportunity to earn an amazing rental income. Real estate is also an extremely tax-efficient investment in United States. What do you think?

Agreed @Jean Deglon the Florida market is on fire, and know that margins are tough down in South Florida right now. 

Lots of South Floridians moving to different markets in Florida to invest

Very expensive and competitive market in South Florida.

Anyone know how the process of buying from a tax delinquent seller works? As in, do you pay off the back taxes and then the mortgage? Are the taxes negotiable with the county? 

What other options are on the table to become wealthy so quickly as in Florida Real Estate?

Another Bubble coming?  Heck yes, BUT this time, all of us that have gone thru the last 10 yrs will see the cliff coming a mile away this time and we'll step off the train far ahead of the crash!

Q: How will you know when to sell everything ahead of another crash?

A: when you see me advertising one day out of BK, 100% No Doc, Hybrid,1% Min. Payment Option programs....SELL!  SELL! SELL!

...but until then, multi-millionaires are being made during this next 5 to 7 yr run up! 

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