Assisted Living Information in Palm Beach County

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Hello everyone,

I'm looking into possibly opening some ALFs here in South Florida (Palm Beach County specifically) and was wondering if anyone had experience in this arena down here.  I know recent legislation has made things a little more startup-cost prohibitive, so I wanted to get people's take on it.

About myself, I'm just starting into the REI game, and I'm a physician. Having well run ALFs and senior care is an arena that I feel is in huge demand based on my every day experience.

I would love to talk and learn from anyone who has any experience on this, so please reach out.  Thanks!

This is a fantastic idea @James Lim and I wish you much success with it. Certainly, people constantly move here to retire. I don't know the answer to your question but am curious to follow your progress. 

I for one would love to see some ALFs with a colorful style more along the lines of House of Blues rather than ... drab/dreary/beige. There's a whole generation of Stones fans who have money and would love something like that. Just my .02. 

@Share Ross I agree, so much can be done.  Healthcare has a lot of obvious core problems, and this is not exempt by any means, however, would love to use my influence and ability to try and service a need.  Just need to touch base and learn from those who have done it!

Hi @James Lim I live in Ormond Beach and I have a great aunt who is in assisted living near by.. Bishop's Glen.  She is very happy and my mother visits her often and is very satisfied with her impressions of the place.  It may be a good model for you to study as you move forward.

@Kristin Kiddy Would love to hear about it and what elements you feel make it a good facility

@James Lim You would have to talk with my mom and great aunt to get a better picture.  My mother has always been impressed with how the staff monitor the residents and keep tabs on where they are and what they might need.  They are also very supportive of visitors.  My mother can have lunch or dinner with her aunt, which is in a dining room.  When my aunt was in the retirement side of the community, I went with my mom to have dinner and visit.  The food was decent and the facility looked nice, even though it is an older building.  Now my aunt has moved over to the assisted live side, due to her health.  She had to move apartments, but it wasn't too stressful because the layouts in all the apartments are the same, which can be a comfort to someone who may be struggling with memory.  

@Kristin Kiddy Thanks for your perspective, definitely going to keep that stuff in mind and I'll touch base more once I establish a better sense for starting and maintaining one.

That being said, still looking for someone that might have some experience or guidance in the field.  Anyone know anyone with experience with ALFs in Florida?

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