Help me build my Avengers in GA

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Im looking to build a team to assist me in my out of state investing. I believe it was David Greene that suggested having a team first in order to assist with out of state investing and i believe that what i need to do to find my first deal in GA. I used to live in Marietta GA, but moved to New York at the beginning of the year

First about me. Im a looking to invest mostly in multi-family deals, but also open to good SFR deals to. I want to build enough passive income to have my job come in second as far as taking care of me. 14K in my pocket with 10K credit available to spend on my first investment property

I have a goal of $200 cash flow per unit for SFR, and at least $100 per unit for Multi-family. I want to make about $5000 a month and i giving myself a 5yr goal so i can essentially retire off passive income.

Iron man needed help, so here i am ready to build my team of super heroes that will help me achieve these goals. Below are the open positions:


Tony Stark- I believe this position is for a Lender possible a hard money lender 

Hulk- Of course, this should be a contractor, ready to rehab future purchases if need be

Thor- Property Manager, someone that can handle both worlds of landlord and tenants

Captain America- The great realtor whom is an investment prone, and can handle investors and knows the ways of investing.

Honorable Mention Black Panther- Possible a partner/JV, who would like to provide their skills and assistant in building something special.

I am a newbie(Spiderman), but i am ready to tackle the world. Looking to purchase something with 3 months. So let help each other conquer the world together. Thank you for your time

Hi me and my brother are newbie investors too! Looking to network and build a strong partnership with other like minded individuals. I am currently in Douglasville ga. Raised in cobb county ga. And my brother is in Las Vegas Nevada! Let me know if we can help each other!

Hi BJ,  We can fill in some of the spots on your avengers team.  Essentially, we are the avengers for many out of state/country investors.  We handle property sourcing and acquisition, repair and remodeling via our licensed GC company, and lease and manage our investors homes.  We partner with investment lenders so that would be one area we don't handle directly.  Rather than several folks, let us see if we can provide you a consolidated approach to partnering with you to reach your acquisition and wealth building goals.