New to Foreclosure Purchases

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I'm interested in purchasing a foreclosure. I am completely new to this as everything I've bought in the past is off MLS. How do you purchase a foreclosure in the state of Georgia. Do you have to have 100% cash ready and go directly to the court houses? Also, are you able to bring some of your cash by taking out home equity lines or borrowed cash too? Another question: do you get to visit the properties and perform inspections prior to bidding or do you have to just buy sight unseen always??

A newbie to foreclosures that could use any advice for getting started in this process.

Foreclosures are auctioned off by the lenders' attorney on the courthouse steps the 1st Tuesday of the month. You must have certified funds at the auction. You will need to check title before the auction as a significant portion have title issues such as water bills, taxes, HOA liens etc which might be senior to the mortgage. Inspections are usually drive by as the owners are still in possession and the lenders have no rights to allow inspections. You should attend a few auctions before you thinking of bidding as there are no consumer protections and all sales are final. Good luck!

Thanks for the advice! So, if the owners are still in possession...does the new owner have to kick them out upon purchase? I just assumed the houses would be vacant once in auction! Do they usually just leave?

In Arizona, you typically need to evict them or offer the cash for keys. I'd definitely go to the courthouse steps and just talk to the guys bidding. They're always intimidating at first, but if you're a buyer, they'll work with you!