1st Mail Campaign Next Week - Any insights welcome?

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Aloha Hawaii Investors,

Next week I'll be doing my first Mailing Campaign.  Any insights / Lessons learned?

Thank you in advance,


Nooo don't do it, horrible time. Wait 2-3 months until I send out all of my letters xD!!! But honestly just be ready for those people who think their properties are worth a billion dollars for their 1 bedroom behind their house. I'd suggest using a funnel system of some sort. Either a person who has a questions sheet in front of them to ask basic questions to gather information or a voicemail setup on a trash phone number with what information they should leave you so you can contact them back later.

Also be ready for the extremely angry people who have been sent hundreds of letters from the 10,000 people who signed up for "mentorship classes" from those out of state businesses selling real estate education. Also if you find a property that you cant do or doesn't fit your numbers try to run it by me and if I feel it's worth it I might buy it from you ;)

Good luck and let me know how it goes!

Jordan Sunshine

@JordanSunshine , thank you for your words of wisdom!  

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