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Hi there,

 I'm looking for an investor savvy realtor in the Boise Idaho market -- and surrounding areas. If anyone has strong recommendations I would love to hear feedback on those individuals.  Thank you all in advance!


Hi @Rich Conley, I am a huge huge fan of Eric DeBord with Red Pheasant Realty. He has been my Boise realtor for a long time and is currently helping me close on my third Boise investment property. My father-in-law also uses Eric and purchased two investment properties in Boise through him in recent years. He knows everyone in the business, so even if he feels like he is not the right fit, he'll help you find someone who is. Feel free to PM me for his contact info.

Hey Rich,

I work with Jen Stacey and she is fantastic. I’ve been working with her for about 5 years and we are in constant communication about our next move. She’s an amazing realtor and would definitely be worth chatting with. Jen is also an investor in the area so knows the market very well.  

PM me and I can send you her contact details. 


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@Jonna Weber is a fantastic resource here in the Treasure Valley. She works with investors, flippers, wholesalers and is highly recommended. I may also mention, she was featured on the Bigger Pockets podcast representing the Boise market.

I have to 2nd Cody Stone ‘s Jonna Weber recommendation. Jonna and her team are fantastic and proactive. Love her professionalism and knowledge of the Boise area.