Boise, Idaho water/sewer/trash estimates for apartment complex?

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Does anyone have any water/sewer/trash numbers to share for apartment buildings/complexes in Boise, Idaho? I'm getting the numbers from the water/sewer/trash people, but since the cost is usage dependent, I would also like to gather some real world numbers, or rules of thumb, in order to estimate these costs on a monthly per unit basis. Thanks.

So I have at least a partial answer to my own question already. I had assumed that water/sewer/trash was included in apartment rent, but I've called 3 complexes, and all 3 bill the tenants separately for these items. The complex takes the monthly bill (which is based on overall usage) and divides it up amongst the units based on unit size and number of occupants. And the 3 ranges I've been given are $35-45, $35-55 and $20-50.