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I've recently started looking for our next real estate purchase. This will be my first purchase in the Rockford area. I was unhappy with our last realtor, and just looking for good recommendations.

I'm looking at purchasing a four plex (if I can find the right deal), and I would appreciate a realtor with investing knowledge. Also curious if any one has any property management recommendations? 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this!!


This post has been removed.

This post has been removed.

I currently have 4 4-plexus managed by Stateline Rental Properties. I don't really have any complaints as I just took the plunge myself in November. I've since networked with pioneer rental properties, and they seem knowledgeable while much smaller than Stateline. I would recommend looking at both and see what fits. Best of luck to you-

I forgot about this post, and since that time, I have fired Stateline as my property manager.  Message me if anyone would like more details.


What is your take on the Rockford multifamily market? I'm in Chicago btw

Hey! I am no expert, but I have a pretty good knowledge of the city and it's real estate. I guess I would need a better idea what your looking for before giving you accurate advice. 

What size are you looking for? Two or three units? 

I would like to suggest Tom Howard at Superior Realtor & Rental Properties.  Host man, knows his stuff and is not too big.

Also, I have been investing in Rockford for over 25 years and it is more of a cash flow play them an appreciating market. I own single families.


@Tim Jensen are you a part of any RE clubs or meet ups? You seem like someone I would like to connect with.


I do not go to a lot of meetings.  I would be willing to chat with you if you like.  Drop me a message.

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