Unincorporated Cook County building violation

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I had a violation caused by minor damage from a tenant. Long story but it opened up a huge can of worms with inspectors.

a. What happens if I try to sell with an open violation?

b. If I just paid the default judgment, does that clear up the violation?

c. If I get a permit to clear up the violation, is it possible to sell before the permit is closed? 

@dan sang if the buyers attorney is sharp he will bring County issues to the surface. We have a Bldg in Arlington Heights that one small item lead to years of addressing small issues and tenants getting business licenses and inspections thru the county.  You can try to push it thru but you run the risk of buyer due diligence opening the wounds and exposing you as the seller for not addressing Which may lead to the buyer questioning other seller practices that may be quality. 

I'm not that concerned with exposure as the issues brought up are nitpicking at best. Things that should be grandfathered in, and other things that don't make sense and change each time I talk to them. I'm just looking for answers on that questions I posted as I haven't been in this situation before.

@Dan Sang for your question #1 and #3, your buyer will have to provide a written letter to the village/county that they will take care of the violation. 

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