Cicero Landlords Please Share your Experience!

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I am looking to get a 2-4 unit in Cicero, Please share any experience input you might have on anything below as a Cicero landlord: 

  • Demand for units with/without parking 
    • Im looking at a few 4 units with 2 car parking.. who rents a place with no parking? 
    • I know cicero has resident permit parking.. but it seems soooo parked up,
  • Avg price for 2 bedrooms - whats been your experience
    • under 800 for no-parking
    • 800 - 900 unrenovated (lenolium floors, radiators, old cabinets, etc, etc) and 
    • 950 for large renovated? 
    • I am averaging what I see on trulia with what I see as actual rents on
  • Benefit to renovation? I see a lot of renovated places in Cicero. 
    • My units will start off un-renovated, with radiators, maybe just painted
  • Is it worthwhile using credit checks?..
  • Does demand for rentals vary by area within Cicero, or is everywhere in cicero the same?
  • Does Cicero township do regular inspections
  • Renting little storefronts
  • Do you clear snow for tenants? 

I am planning on getting a 4 unit building and would really appreciate just a few minutes of your time and hearing just a little of your experience. 

I am also looking a little in Little Village and Berwyn, I have a good realtor already

Any advice / experience you have would be welcome!