Opinion on South Holland Property

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Hey everyone, I have an accepted offer on a property and I'm just looking for opinions on the deal.

16665 Kenwood Ave

South Holland, IL 60473

PP: $137,000

Rent: $1475/mo

Do you think this is a good purchase? Is it a good area? Any opinions on the area, or the deal in general would help.

Thanks so much!

  • hi Scott,
  • I lived in South Holland.  Nice & quiet.  Dry city.  No alcohol is sold in South Holland, they have strict rental guidelines in the city.  If anyone is convicted of a felony it is automatic grounds for eviction.  Great community.  Schools are ok (not great). 
  • I only have 2 properties, therefore I am not sure if I'm adequately qualified to tell you if it is a great deal.    Plus i don't know your investment strategy or philosophy. 
  • However if I was looking at this property for myself, I would not purchase it because it does not fit into my overall rental investment strategy.  If you posted your numbers, I could assist you more.  My son goes to daycare in South Holland so if you need some assistance let me know. 
  • I have a great realtor who specializes in investors including a great deal of investors from out of state.

I went to Thornwood High School, it’s a nice neighborhood. The schools are ok, not great as someone else said. I’m just getting into real estate so I can’t really comment on the prices, I just know about the neighborhood.

Thanks for the help everyone! I didn't end up purchasing this one because the property taxes were insanely high ($5,500/yr). That killed any chance of cashflow on this one.