insulation code for living space next to an attached garage

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there is a home where the living space in the garage needs to be converted back to a garage. the wall butts up to the condition. so will need to bring the living space wall to code.

does a living space wall that is adjacent to an attached garage need to be brought to a current energy code? I am guessing yes since there is obviously no heat in the garage.

We do that in CA to keep the garage cooler in the summer. Never freeze here. R19 batts is recommended. 

R31 min in the attic- our mild zone, now they suggest insulate below the floor, wall being that thick as well for those with crawl space. 

You need to talk to a green energy guy. Com Ed site to see the guide line in your geographic zone.

yeah I figured as such, thx @sam!  I think I am gonna have to do that foam insulation stuff though; I don't think I can fer out the wall framing enough plus it w/ be a PITA. it's only like a 12x9 wall.

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If you have not tackled this project yet, I would give Ruben a call at Ruben Insulation. These guys offered some great rehab/insulation advice for me on a recent remodel in Andersonville. Good dudes, been in the game for quite some time and have competitive pricing as well. Good luck.