Dangerous Places in Indianapolis

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Hello -

  I have seen a few times on here mentioning places in Indianapolis that you just don't go. I recently heard a story about a Real Estate Agent going to check out a duplex for a client and he was told to leave after a man carrying a gun said to leave the neighborhood. I'd like to avoid this, what are the places in Indy that you should not go to?

@Dave G.   The article & video below from about 6 months will likely be useful for you.  It discusses six (6) different areas/intersections which are priority areas for the Indianapolis Police Department due to high incidences of crime.  The article lists the intersections, and if you watch the video, they actually have a graphic which shows these particular areas on a map.

In short, the areas are:

  • W. 16th St. and N. Tibbs Ave.
  • E. 42nd St. and N. Post Rd.
  • E. New York St. and N. Sherman Dr.
  • E. 38th St. and N. Sherman Dr.
  • W. 34th St. and N. Illinois St.
  • W. 29th St. and Dr. Martin Luther King Dr.

New Crime Plan Focuses on Indianapolis' Most Dangerous Areas


I hope that is helpful.