Fort Wayne, Indiana Investors

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Hello BP,

My name is Brett Snodgrass, and I wanted to send out a forum post about Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am currently located in Indianapolis, but I used to live in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I attending Huntington University, and I taught in Fort Wayne for a short time.  I have always wanted to come back and invest and help the city.

So with that, we are launching Fort Wayne, Indiana as we speak. We do 90% wholesaling, and are looking to network with local or non-local investors who are active in Fort Wayne. So if you are active in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and you have any recommendations for local meet-ups, heavy-hitter investors, or base-hit investors in the area, please let me know as I would love to chat and network. Thank you.  Brett

Hey @Brett Snodgrass ,

I'm a Ft. Wayne Investor.  ....mostly buy and holds, but will flips some and have financed a number of local projects.  Always on the look out for chances to network and collaborate on things.  Feel free to connect any time and let me know what you've got shakin'.


@Drew Wiard

 Thanks a lot Drew I'll definitely send you a message and hope to connect with you soon .  Sounds like you're doing a lot of great things in Fort Wayne .   As for being up so early on a Saturday morning, when you have three very young children you need to get a few things done before they get up,   Because I know the rest of the day is going to be a little chaotic  in a good way.  Thanks. Brett. 

Hey Guys,

I'm new to BP but have lived in and now own and manage a duplex I'm putting on the market by owner. If either of you are interested, it's located near Lakeside park in Ft Wayne, strong rental history over 7 yrs, CAP rate of 10.25% based on '15 numbers and 80k list price. Looking to get a property or 2 in Indy where I currently live.

So I am researching property management companies in the Fort Wayne area. Does anyone have a good trustable company that I can use with little conflict as an out of state investor?


@Jason McKinley  

Connect / message me. I have a lady I can refer you too. BP won't let me post her number here.

I don't have a rental with her but have a DIY/Rehab (small house) in FW that I am trying to sell. She has been very helpful.

Contact me for more info if you like.