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I have a rental, in which I need to replace a claw foot tub with a normal tub/shower combo and am wondering about what pure labor should cost in KC.  I have only one quote so far, but it seems a LOT higher than what it should be: $1500 just to set the new tub in place, which will include re-routing of the water supply and drain lines.  But for that price, I would be doing all the demo first and have the tub on site when the plumber shows up.

Does this guy simply not want to do that job and so is pricing himself out of the work, or is that really what I need to budget for a simple tub install???

Can anyone recommend a plumber to do this sort of work for a more reasonable price?

And on a totally different note: I am also looking for a window for a basement bonus room that I want to make into a legal bedroom.  The size I need (29 x36) is a custom order, but I would have to wait 35 days, which puts us into June, at which point I want that place rented already.  Any ideas as to where I can get a window more quickly if it is not a mass produced size?

Thank you in advance!!!

You can go to lowes pick out the tub and they will quote an install price that is set its simple easy and gives you a baseline on price.

Probably won't be that simple. You'll need a surround of some sort. Possibly drywall repair depending on where you're plumbing is. However, save yourself the money and get on YouTube and make it happen for about $100 in material.

Have you tried I have found some local contractors with reasonable quotes through there recently. 

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