Hello I’m a 20 year old female athelete looking for investors opinions . I’ve been trying to think of ways to do what I love for living which is playing sports but I never got with one and stuck with it. Instead I played many sports and being im very athletic did very well in all, and am now pursing football which I’ve now excelled a lot at. My 3rd season as a running back I now lead the country in rushing yards , with over 800 yards mid season. Over time I’ve played Basketball, badminton , wrestling, track and field, Football , Footie, and Water Polo.

After trying a sport that I’ve never considered, which is golf, and doing fairly well the first time, I had an epiphany that maybe I could make entertainment about being trained for each sport. Maybe this could be a tool to help parents who want their kid to excel in one specifically, and thus could be a guide to help do so. Each section could be a different sport. For this amount of time I’ll train with a professional golf coach , get as good as I can then compete. There would be film of meetings, trainings, work outs, everyday life, etc. then there would be film of me competing . Then next we would do the same with Basketball and see how long it takes to build certain skill levels , or softball, ufc fighting, and so on.

I would love to put my athletic ability to the test being it’s what I love. I’d love opinions as well. Thanks