2 deals in but really want a Tesla ๐Ÿ˜‚

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We have a rental property cashflowing $500/mo and an Airbnb cashflowing $500/mo. Lots of savings and I really want this used Tesla model 3. My amazing wife is holding me back. Convince me that money can be used better somewhere else.

@Cameron Philgreen . I love my model 3. 8 months having it. Travel 1200 mile road trips to my Airbnb in Colorado to my other home in Louisiana. Costs about 45-50 dollars one way (90-100 round trip). Itโ€™s a money saver over time if you donโ€™t have any issues such as accidents etc. Iโ€™ve heard damage repairs take very long time. No first hand experience there however. Find one of 1000 YouTube channels on the car and go from there. I love my model 3. Love auto pilot on those long drives. Even with its quirks. Did I mention I love my model 3?

@Scot Richard hahah, not the response I was expecting on this forum, but I love it! ย All things that I have been saying for a while. ย I've been obsessed for a little while and I found a great deal in an area where I have family. ย I think we're going to see it this weekend.

Do you have a loan on that car, or did you buy cash? ย If a loan, what do you recommend? ย I want to pay as little interest as possible.

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