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What are some side hustles that my fellow BPers are currently involved in?

I need to get into a side hustle to make some supplemental income while I wait until October 2014 to start my RE business. I've thought about Mary-Kay, and Herbalife, but my networking system here is slim to none because I have only been here about 8 months, and I don't know anybody!

So do tell, what side hustles are you currently involved in?

Why not wholesale?? You don't have to start with RE but maybe something smaller. Learn a product or products really well then wholesale that. I buy laptops / Tv's for cheap then resell them for easy profit and if I had the space i'd do the same with cars.

That's actually not a bad idea. I thought about doing the same with discounted items at rummage sales, or at discount stores. But prices online are competitive, that I wouldn't make anything. If only I knew of a certain item that people are willing to buy for top dollar, that I could get for cheap.

How about a job? Walmart and Best Buy pay pretty good to stock shelves.

I used to buy and sell used appliances. At one time when I was younger, I had a whole garage full of them. This was before CL. I used to run ads in the Tradin' Times. Not sure if they're still around.

Hey Brian,

I'm not sure if that was a smart remark or not lol....... I have a job with Southwest Airlines, and have been there for 13 years. I can't do anymore overtime or extensions because, well, as my picture indicates, I have a newborn now. My wife currently works also, so we rotate baby duty, which is a full time job in its own. Just no income. I was looking for something that I could do on the side to make a couple of bucks, and complete my goal of 65k by next October.

But appliances is not a bad idea Rob!

No, it wasn't a smart comment. :) You can either find time to work, or cut back on cable, going out, etc.

Hey Bryan,

I didn't mean anything by it lol. And yes. We have cut back a ton. Although family has visited, it makes it kind of hard to save when that happens. We have lowered our cable, and other items. We have even opted to be our own Property managers on our two houses to save that much more. Which has been an chore.

My buddy is uber-cheap. He's worth 2-3 million and always has side deals going on. His big thing is "curbing" cars. He always finds cars for sale, buys them for about half what the people are asking for, doesn't transfer the title, then sells them for a tax free profit.

I know another guy who collects unemplyment and also recycles scrap metal. He told me he averages $700 per week tax free with the metal.

It's amazing how much money you can make when you work for yourself instead of "the man".

Wow! Those are fantastic ideas! Especially in the used car business! I should consider that when my pockets get bigger!

I love golf so I sling clubs during the warmer Ohio months. I post ads on Craigslist to buy clubs and you'd be surprised how many people have nice sets in their basement or antiques of relatives that they've never wanted but didn't want to throw away. I also buy individual clubs at garage sales and play it again sports sales and then combine and sell as a full set for a descent profit. It doesn't make me rich but it's fun to talk golf and I usually make enough to pay for my greens fees and keep my bag full of updated equipment!

Dude, John.... Awesome freaking idea! I love golf also! I can totally do this! I understand that golf is an expensive hobby. But if done smart, I can come out on top!

Get yourself a good used lawnmower, weed whacker and blower. You can make $35+ a yard all day around here all cash money. My wife and I used to do makeready's on rentals and repo's. Some new construction, but a pain in the ***. We'd make $150+ a house for 2 hrs work. All can be done after hours. People also would want other stuff done such as painting a room, fixing a lock, etc... Its also good for networking and meeting realtors and investors and finding properties. The real money was in trashouts. You would sell stuff of value people left behind, I have a neighbor making a killing off appliances, furniture, tools. Anything that isn't of value such as clothes go to Goodwill. Trash goes to the dump, just find out how much it costs to dump. You can rent a trailer or a Uhaul for a few hours to haul if you don't have a truck.

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