Northern KY Rental Markets

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Hello Everyone,

I live in Cincinnati but I'm interested in the Northern KY market - specifically neighborhoods like Bellevue & Southgate. I'm interested in the BRRRR strategy for SFH's in these areas.

Does anyone have any insight on the rental markets in those neighborhoods?  I've searched current rental listings online and there aren't many available rentals in either neighborhood.  Not sure if that is a good or bad sign.

I'm a little wary of Newport & Covington, but would like to hear some feedback on these neighborhoods as well.


James Folsom


I just messaged you so give me a call and I'd be happy to help you in any way I can.  I've been in real estate since 2008 as both a flipper and buy and hold guy and I know all three counties of northern Kentucky really well.  

Hope to hear from you,



Covington is a pretty run down area- Have you considered Lexington?

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@Justin Johnson

Isn't Covington on the rise, as Newport has been?

Maybe still a risky investment, but with the improvements across the river it could be worth a look.

@James Folsom welcome to BP and good luck on all your future REI ventures.

Hey @James Folsom

You have your eye on a few good neighborhoods in Northern KY. Bellevue is great for rentals, but the inventory can get snatched up in a hurry. It's definitely a place where a lot of the kids who grew up in NKY, but now are becoming young professionals tend to buy/rent because of the emergence of OTR, close to jobs in Cincy, etc. 

So, to your question - the low inventory is a good sing. 

I don't know as much about Southgate. 

Newport is interesting. There is definitely a distinct line at Washington Avenue that divides the city, so just be sure to do your research here. Covington is spotty too, so just do your research. Some great places, some not so great. @Garth Kukla lives in the area and knows it well, so he could give you some good info. 

@Justin Johnson Covington has good pockets and bad pockets.  I wouldn't label it as run down as a whole. 

@Jim Wilcox Thanks!

@Eric Sztanyo Thanks Eric!  I appreciate your comments and feedback.  Very helpful.  I did spend a morning with @Garth Kukla riding around a few neighborhoods.  Very good experience.

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