Seeking good accountant for REI in Lexington, KY

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Hi group- I've been using a good general accountant for my taxes (personal and RE LLC) for the last few years, but she doesn't seem well versed in Real Estate.

I own 2 single family homes in Lexington, and am now buying a vacation rental in FL. With the new property, and the new tax law, I'm looking for an accountant in the Lexington area who specializes in taxes for Real Estate investors. Any recommendations?

@Mike Charles I don't unfortunately but I learned a valuable lesson from Brandon Turner.  He advised that the best time to find someone is before you need them.  That covers all trades such as HVAC, Handyman etc but I've added an accountant to my list.  

With that said, good accountants are tough to find because I have a great one but he doesn't take on new clients. With that said, I'd reach out to your local REIA and ask other investors who they use and that may help you find a great local accountant.

Good luck in your search and I hope this was helpful,



@Mike Charles if you are looking for someone to just do your taxes and give advice on just that then I suggest Dillon Tax Service. All they do is tax preparation and is family owned. They are reasonable and give free tax advice. They are on summer hours now but you can look them up and give them a call and see if they fit your needs.

@Mike Charles , does it have to be someone local? I hired a REI-focused CPA that I connected with on BP to work with me. He’s out of state and we work remotely. Is that something you’re open to? If it is, you might look for one right here on BP.