Baton Rouge and Ascension area/ wholesaler

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I'm new to wholeselling but, so far I have 3 motivated sellers, but no cash buyers. Guess I got to excited and jumped a head of myself. Any recommendations on how to fix this. I guess this is a good and bad situation to be in.

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Hey I'm just starting in wholesaling and I see you're in the Gonzales area. I live in the Baton Rouge area. We should link up if you don't mind. Larry Daniels. Have a blessed day!

@Larry Daniels welcome to BP!

If you want to call someone's attention to your post it is recommended you use the "@" to notify @Tony Osborne that you mentioned him in this post.  

Baton Rouge has a local REIA that meets once a month called The RING / Baton Rouge REIA and this is a great venue to network with other investors. I look forward to connecting with you and hopefully buying some deals from you in the Baton Rouge area.

Take massive action and I'll see you at the top!