Leverage for Louisiana Tax Lien Portfolio

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Has anyone ever obtained a secured loan from a bank using a pool of Louisiana Tax Liens (Tax Sale Certificates) as collateral?  If so, could you please share the bank contact person and/or attorney who created the entity/structure? 

From what I understand a bank won't be able to loan against any of those due to the cloudy nature of the title. You would first have to find title insurance that would provide a policy up to the amount of leverage you would want to take against the property and then maybe a financial institution would be down to do it. I wouldn't necessarily lead with "here are some tax sale lien houses", maybe just get title insurance on them first and try to get a loan on one. Im in north BR and tax lien sales are kind of crazy. 


Are they tax Liens or tax deeds?  If it is a lien, then it is personal property and can be secured by a UCC filing. Finding a bank wiling to do that is another story.  Expect a very low loan to value ratio. 

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