Tax certificate for sale

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I bought a 1% tax title certificate from civic source in 2012 and pAid tax through 2016, now the 8 owners won't sign to make agreements of any kind or sell their 50%. What can I do? Civic SOURCE, NEW Orleans attorney and no office in city hall knows what to do with a 1% tax certificate so they tell me. Civic Source litature online is not accurate for community property state laws in New Orleans; they say I can confirm the tax title but no lawyer in New Orleans can deny the community property owners their right to the property! If somebody can tell me how to confirm the title and take ownership away from the owners listed on record, I surely would like to know!

You shouldn't have started paying all the taxes since you only own 1% of the property and if the rest of the owners do not give up then there is not much you can do, the best way now is to figure out if one of the 8 owners is willing to buy your 1%. If not, then I guess you have to find out how to get the other 99% ownership. Btw, who are the 8 owners? are they also certificate buyers or they are original owners of the property? @Kim Ballard