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I need your advice. I'm closing on a foreclosed auction property in 21216 zip code of Baltimore City in a few weeks that was listed initially on the auction site as occupied. However, I drove by the property twice and it seems that the previous owner has vacated the property without notice. I knocked on the door severally but there was no answer. I didn't bother trying to enter just in case it happens to still be occupied.  The front porch and around the front of the property was quite dusty. 3 old-looking junk-like cars are parked on the side all covered up in dust, looking like they haven't been moved in a while. 

How do I safely gain access into the property? My HML won't close on the deal except the property is vacant. That is they've given me till the deal's closing date (4 weeks from now) to close on the property. What are my options?

I need your ideas please!

I can give you some ideas, but not publicly. 

@Francis Ifeacho what we do is post a notice on the door saying "Notice to vacate, if we don't hear from you in 5 days we will assume the property is vacant and we will change the locks" The goal is simply to get them to call, so we know if someone is in there.  Another thing to do is talk to neighbors and drive by at night to see if lights are on. 

in Baltimore city you file a "Wrongful Detainer" action in court. It will take more time then you have.  If someone is in there I would offer cash for keys.

If you go in and its empty post you owning it, Change the locks and secure the house (windows/doors/ etc). Wait to see if anyone puts up a fight. If not, no problem

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