Maryland Escrow/Title Companies

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Hello Fellow BP Members

My Post is in regards to see if anybody could spare a suggestion to a local Maryland Title/ Escrow company that is familiar with Double Closing? i have spoke with a few who are a tad bit investor friendly but any other suggestion helps. If they are located anywhere in the  Maryland area that is fine. Just curious to see if i could get a solid recommendation.


thanks for the suggestion i gave a rich a call and sure enough he was familiar with everything i was looking for. Really appreciate the recommendation. i'll be in touch with him in the near future i'll make sure to bring up your name in respect towards your reference. Thank you

@William Thomas Jeff Charlow at  Masters title and Escrow, Anthony Onwuanibe at Golden trust title. Drew at Dulaney Title, Holly Edelstein at Clearview Settlement Solutions. Cohen and Foreman.  All of these regularly do investor deals and I suspect primarily investor deals. Whether you will need transactional funding to do this may vary. All are easy to find on Google and All are in the Baltimore area.