Buying 1st rehab and need advice

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Hello Bigger Pockets peeps,

I have been sitting it out and waiting to do anything for many reasons. I now have found a potential property in Groton, Ma, a nice town with good schools not far from 495. The house is either being sold as land, or as a tear down property. Either way, it needs a new septic, for which their is a design. Anybody know ballpark what it would cost to demolish a house, and put in a 3 bd septic in Groton? The property is 14400 Sq ft or .33 acres. I would like to know what price I should offer. I also know of vacant properties in Acton which would be great to flip or BRRR, but 1 is bank owned.

Yeah Carol, I would have to agree with @Taye N. that you probably should stay clear of something like this for one of your first deals, but if you feel like you got it then more
power to ya. ACTION AND KNOWLEDGE is big in this game but learning from mistakes while applying action is also a big part of this game as well and there could be a lot of mistakes to be made with a tear down and rebuild. Be cautious but I like the fact your thinking of taking action on a big project.