How to get code violation, pre-foreclosure, tax default lists?

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Hey team!!

Wanted to know how you guys obtain these lists from Massachusetts in general and how the systems work on a county level to obtain them? I know every state/county is different so I'm just wondering. Thank you all so very much! :)

Curious what others use.  I know The Warren Group has a number of real estate related lists.

I have attorney colleagues that have used them for marketing success and they have been happy with the results. Like any list, people who are on them inevitably get a lot of mail. For example, somebody in a pre-foreclosure situation is likely getting collection letters for credit cards, mortgage notices, credit consolidation companies, bankruptcy attorneys, etc. However that's the same with any list.

It's been a few years since I've seen their lists, but they were ready to be used with mail merge and were easy to work with.

I can't help but have a lot of respect for the company -- it's been around for almost 150 years and is locally based. I have no affiliation with them and have never talked to somebody from the company.