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Hello to all,

I am going to Detroit in a couple of weeks and I would like to meet flippers, rehabbers and wholesalers in the area of Detroit, Warren, Eastpointe and surrounding areas.

Any information or guidance about meeting, network events, real estate events will be appreciated.

Thank you


Hi Adriano,

I am a wholesaler here in Detroit and would love to meet whenever your in town.

pm me so we can connect, I have a group of people from other wholesalers, flippers, and rehabbers here in Detorit.

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Hey Adriano, I'm not sure how long you're in town but there is a month meetup with the Michigan REI group in Troy, MI. The next monthly meeting is on August 15th. Details are here (this doesn't violate the rules, does it?):

A wide variety of people in the industry get together there and each meeting has time for networking, a focused topic of study, and then often informal appetizers and drinks get togethers afterward. Check it out if you're interested!