Need a contractor for jacking up a deck

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I have a two story deck that is sinking and pulling away from the house. Might be original with the house from 1908. Has a roof, is made of stucco. Has no footings. 

I'd like to have the deck jacked up, and put diamond piers, helical piers, screw piles, or whatever under there to keep it from sinking further, and so I can make minor repairs to the deck. 

Anyone have a contractor to recommend? I've talked to probably 8, and all have been either unwilling or unable to do the project, or straight up don't respond after a while. Haven't even been able to get a single bid. 

I can see it being outside most contractor's comfort zone. Have you tried a foundation company? I'd think they would be more used to jacking something up and re-supporting it.

(Sorry I can't help with any local suggestions)

Do you mean to say you are talking about an enclosed porch instead of a deck?  

I think the problem you are having is that you are looking for someone to do foundation work and although most contractors can talk the talk, this is an area where many can't walk the walk.  I agree with Mike - you should contact a foundation company.  The job may seem easy in principle however it is going to put a strain on the house if you try to do anything with the porch/deck and it could cause significant damage to your house.  This is likely what concerns most of the contractors you are talking about.  There are enough easier jobs where they won't have to take on the added risk.

It also seems like a normal footing would work but I suppose the soil and weight of the structure may dictate otherwise.

Ok, maybe porch is more accurate, but it is open - no windows. It is two stories, with a roof. Main level is about 4 steps off the ground, then a second floor for egress from the upper units. Exterior is stucco, beams are wood. 

I'll see if I can find a foundation company. I talked to one, but they wanted someone with an engineering degree to figure out how to lift it up. 

Unfortunately this sounds like a very expensive repair especially considering the stucco repairs, etc.  Not sure what your budget is nor how it would affect the curb appeal of the property but the cheapest way to go may be to tear it off and re-build or build a big two level deck in its place.  Most contractors would be comfortable with the tear-down and rebuild.  Foundation companies know they have you by the ba!!$ and don't come cheap.