Locksmith Recommendations in Twin Cities

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Hey @David Moore , this doesn’t exactly answer your questions, but check out LandlordLocks.com. They have an awesome product where you can swap the cylinder out with a simple control key without removing the lock frame. You can have all the locks that you order from them keyed to the same master and control key. We use them on our properties and it’s super slick.

I’m sure you could have this all done if you find the right locksmith, so maybe ask about the product when you do find your locksmith- then you won’t need him so much in the future. 

Check out Kwikset at Menards. They have a small hole left of the key hole, so you can put a small pin in it to re-key the lock on your own. Here's a how to video that will make more sense: https://www.kwikset.com/customer-support/how-to-center.aspx. 

Hi David,

I am guessing you are looking for a locksmith so you can offload this from of your schedule when you need locks changed.  I worked with a locksmith when I was in high school and the "service call" fees for each trip out makes this a little more expensive.  Minimum service call was $35, then re-key was probably another $10-$15.  not the cheapest option however time is important.  This may also make more sense when you have multiple locks (say SF house) than when you have a single apartment.

I have collected "extra" locks over the years and when we have a turnover I just have one of my guys go swap them out.  Takes him 15 mins which costs me under $10 (guy is paid hourly) and I don't have to spend any time on this.  We just make sure we are using a lock that was from a different location.


@Pavel U.

I noticed the product on landlord locks was the same they sell on Amazon, so I ordered the smart key from there.  We installed two different new lock sets with smart key on two doors, and then I used the smart key to make all the locks on the same key.  Wow, was that fun!  But I don't see the master key that opens all doors.  Is that only on landlord locks?

@David Moore any locksmith should be able to master key your locks.  I personally did this when I worked at Ace Hardware during high school/college.  My first 4 plex I keyed everything to a master key but after that I didn't care and haven't since.  It was nice to have one key but it really hasn't been a hassle for us to have several keys.  It is rare that we have to go to a property and during a turnover it takes 5 mins for my guy to swap out a lock.