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To all Real Estate investors in the Northern New Jersey area looking for a helping hand, I am here to help. I am looking to exchange my time for knowledge/experience in the field of Real Estate. I am up for any task.

Task include but are not limited to: cleaning, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, organizing appointments, making/answering calls, bird dog, etc...


If interested please let me know.

"Work to learn, not to earn." Robert Kiyosaki

Hi Jonathan.
Your post is interesting to me. I might be interested in meeting. My husband and I are new to real estate investing. We are doing our second project and could probably use a hand on a variety of fronts. Where are you located?


Hello Jessica,

I am in Passaic County, approximately 15mins away from Newark and about 20mins away from Paramus. How may I be of service to you?


@Jessica Spillane

Would you like to exchange numbers through PM?

I think is much easier to pay for a mentor, your basically making yourself an intern.

Send me your contact info.  I'm between deals right now but maybe we can work something out.  

@Jessica Spillane and @Tim Pagano - I met Jonathan at a local casual/informal REI meetup hosted by @John Errico a couple weeks ago. He's a great guy and this post goes to show you he's not like the hundreds of others out there (even within the BP community) that simply 'ask for a mentor' (aka handout). On that note, I'm happy to piggyback off of Jonathan and offer my services as well - I am in Bergenfield, NJ and would be happy to help with some manual labor on a pending flip, general rehab, and any other help you may need.

@Jonathan Silverio - thumbs up brother.

@Jonathan Silverio Hey I can use some help and you can make money in the process.

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